Álvaro Marzán Díaz is of Spanish origin and has been living in Luxembourg since 2017, where he is developing his work as a professional artist. He has a degree in Architecture (Polytechnic University of Madrid, 2006) and a degree in Fine Arts (Complutense University of Madrid, 2013).

His works have been featured at the prestigious Tomás y Valiente Cultural Centre, at MovArt Gallery and Artevistas Gallery, all in Spain. He also participated at Art Fair in Málaga in 2017.

Since his arrival in Luxembourg, Álvaro Marzán has participated in numerous collective events such as the Intro – Painting 2.0 (Galerie Beim Engel), several editions of KonschTour (Vianden), Troc’n’Brol (Rotondes) and Sand- Box8 to name but a few.

In 2018, he was granted the “statut d’artiste” by the Ministry of Culture and worked as a guest artist at Schläiffmillen, Artist’s Residence (2019-2020). In 2020, he presented his first solo exhibition (Kulturhaus Niederanven). In 2021 he was appointed associate artist of neimënster, participated in a creative residency with the support of the Neistart grant and presents his exhibition Space and Desire.